Lazy Linking, 199th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

199.1 Rats from different parts of NYC are genetically distinguishable theatln.tc/2Bmlrm6 @theatlantic

199.2 Solving housing affordability in Silicon Valley is hard, but it can’t not involve adding more homes nyti.ms/2i777Gv @nytimes

199.3 Cities/states w/o climate change prep’ll be dinged by credit rating agencies (ie higher borrowing costs) read.bi/2Ap0Kqm @businessinsider

199.4 The future will be weird, Part 1: feed spiders graphene & they’ll spin super-strong webs bit.ly/2yNLB2K @mothernaturenet

199.5 The future will be weird, Part 2: pets are learning how to talk bit.ly/2no5oBW @degenrolf

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