Let Immigrants Lead

All around the country, and certainly here in Philadelphia, people are coming together to express their displeasure with the anti-immigrant posture of the Trump administration.  This kind of protest is a healthy part of a functioning democracy and a welcoming society.  But I want to encourage an additional and different effort, which is to give room for immigrants to lead.

I am a proud board member of the Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians, which accelerates immigrant integration and economic advancement through education and training, employment, and entrepreneurship.  The Welcoming Center is a global leader in general, and increasingly is seen as on the vanguard of training and other support resources to help immigrants lead in their new communities. 

I think this is an important part of advocating for immigrants, is giving them room and help to advocate for themselves and to lead us in the effort.  For immigrants, in Philly and elsewhere, are more than just a group that needs help to thrive in their new communities.  They are also the future leaders in those new communities, stretching and pulling us to a better place, if we can help them find their voice.  Let’s do more of that!

PS Today is Giving Tuesday so if you think the Welcoming Center is a good place to invest (I do!), you can click here.  Here are some other places I am supporting with my time and money, and I encourage you to do the same:

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