Lazy Linking, 197th in an Occasional Series

 Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

197.1 @tcarmody on how unique, essential, & powerful water is bit.ly/2zXwqSO @kottke

197.2 Since we're all talking about sexual harassment, you should know Congress sets its own rules wapo.st/2yb9PFs @washingtonpost

197.3 If this article about "flyover country" makes no sense to you, then you are a coastal elite theatln.tc/2i0DCFS @theatlantic

197.4 A penetrating (& s'times unflattering) history of American Bandstand's West Philly days bit.ly/2hiIgPW @mattdelmont

Paint as a 3D medium; prepare to be blown away bit.ly/2yGIY3v @thisiscolossal

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