Book Bleg

Maybe I missed it because I went on vacation in late August, but on August 31 Half.com, my beloved go-to place for used books, shut down.  I had used the site for years, not only to buy used books but also to keep a running wish list of books that I eventually wanted to buy and read.  Recommendation from a friend?  Interesting reference from an online article?  Perusing a real bookstore?  Whenever I came across a title I found interesting, I added it to my Half.com wish-list.

I returned from vacation to find that list, and the entire site, vaporized.  Oh well.  I'm sure many titles I wanted to keep tabs on are lost from my recollection, never to be remembered.  So it's time to build that list back up.  I'm using Amazon and you can find it here.  Maybe it'll cause you to add some titles to your list.  And maybe you have titles to recommend to me.  I'd love to hear it!

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