Touchdown (for) Jesus

On this first Sunday of the 2017-2018 NFL season, I am struck by the flurry of recent articles about the open faith of some of the league's top young QBs.  Faith and football is of course a very common intersection, but it was still remarkable to me to read these three stories in quick succession this past week:

1. As a Raiders fan, I have delighted in Derek Carr's rapid ascendance in the league, and am even more happy to know that he is an "unashamed" Christian.

2. On the local front, the Daily News ran a cover story about Eagles' signal-caller Carson Wentz, who considers football nothing more than a platform to share the good news of Jesus.

3. Here's a nice feel-good story about how good of a person Marcus Mariota is and how much people adore him for it, although it was curious that his strong Christian faith wasn't mentioned at all.

This is just in the past week or so...I could also mention Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott, Philip Rivers, or any one of maybe 15-20 other starting QBs.  Nice that there are so many positive examples everywhere you tune in Sunday afternoon.

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