Lazy Linking, 196th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

196.1 All the bldgs that were once "tallest in Philly" bit.ly/2ycYH76 @thephillyvoice

196.2 One man's bodily waste truly is another's treasure go.nature.com/2x2SEEk @nature

196.3 Incoming Uber CEO sure seems humbler than outgoing one on.inc.com/2vZ5uzT @inc

196.4 How young is too young to ride transit solo? Vancouver now says <10 bit.ly="" nextcityorg="" p="" wtceqp="">
196.5 Minority Report is here: retinal scans to replace security guards? bit.ly/2x8PcaH @xinhuanetnews

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