Perfect Love

I really like something Christian author John Piper talks about when it comes to love.  Love on this side of glory is constrained in three ways.  First, there is nothing perfectly worthy of our love.  Second, our capacity to love is flawed.  Third, everything comes to an end.

But in heaven, there are no such constraints.  We will behold God face to face.  We will love perfectly.  And we will love forever.

There are, of course, wonderful expressions of and opportunities for love in our lifetimes.  I am truly blessed to enjoy them every day.  But I am reminded they are but down payments on an even greater experience that awaits.  To paraphrase the apostle Paul from 1 Corinthians 2:9, eye, ear, and heart have not begun (and on this side of glory cannot begin) to perceive all of what God has prepared for us.  Wow!
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