Lazy Linking, 195th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

195.1 Tebow shakes hand of autistic fan & then homers es.pn/2vtqaCq @espn

195.2 David Brooks calls Google CEO coward for firing engineer over memo nyti.ms/2fC1BgV @nytimes

195.3 Shades of precogs in "Minority Report": vetting immigrants on predicted future behavior bit.ly/2ujtLnn @theintercept

195.4 Buy experiences over stuff? Maybe not...or maybe what's the difference bit.ly/2uRXNgL @guardian

195.5 Scary thought (unless you're a Bucks fan): Greek Freak will make another leap next yr bit.ly/2uz05mi @bballbreakdown

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