Lazy Linking, 194th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

194.1 1st ever pics of various cities around the world bit.ly/2v7TQVY @oddee

194.2 Sabermetrics slowly making its way to Japanese baseball bit.ly/2uYYMMA @theringer

194.3 While politics is crazy now, business is boring…and that’s good bloom.bg/2v5HEW2 @bv

194.4 The notion of “women’s chess” is unnecessary & sexist bit.ly/2vfi6WM @chessbase

194.5 Watch Ben Folds compose an orchestral song in <10 a="" href="http://bit.ly/2s4xyns" minutes="">bit.ly/2s4xyns
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