Lazy Linking, 193rd in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

193.1 Don’t forget: traffic isn’t just happening to you, it IS you bit.ly/2vkZCRN @longbeachize

193.2 Opioid overdose antidote so costly that cities consider rationing it w/repeat users wapo.st/2uANT3K @washingtonpost
193.3 Billy Beane promises one last rebuild so A’s are ready to compete in ’19 in new stadium es.pn/2ut1zNQ @espn

193.4 Donuts…w/ice cream in them. One dozen please… bit.ly/2uKF348 @scarymommy

193.5 Why intellectual elites get no sympathy: professors complain that having summer off is hard bit.ly/2trKYuy @margrev

193.6 Beating cancer isn’t 1 person in 1 life, it’s lots of ppl over many years bit.ly/2ueDmu1 @kottke bit.ly/2tKPFLd @huffpost

193.7 Everything you want to know (& you do want to know) about how/where athletes pee es.pn/2uc4pEX @espn

193.8 There’s 2 kinds of popularity & we’re fretting over the wrong one bit.ly/2tPrUDw @qz

193.9 Whoa: Mexico City eliminates parking minimums, requires bike parking bit.ly/2tKvDR5 @streetsblogusa

193.10 Argentinian bfast/tea/coffee coming to our neighborhood! bit.ly/2tESiBv @westphillylocal

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