Lazy Linking, 192nd in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

192.1 It's goats vs. unions in the battle to cut your grass on.freep.com/2uxju3n @freep

192.2 Justice Roberts's good advice to 9th graders: hardship is good for you ti.me/2uQBg0O @time

192.3 Workers of the world unite...to reject a minimum wage increase wapo.st/2sTTRrv @washingtonpost

192.4 Coming soon: Museum of Capitalism...in Oakland...it's free...& dreams of its subject's demise bit.ly/2uRG3z4 @curbedsf
192.5 A call to loyalty to POTUS (vs. law/nation/people) is antithetical to what the US fundamentally is bit.ly/2tYPksN @kottke

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