What's On Your Mantle

I am fortunate to have my own office, but even folks who just have a cubicle or a workstation have the opportunity to personalize their work space with various decorations.  My mantle and my walls have many of the standard things you'd see in a white-collar worker's office: family pics, books, awards, maps.  In fact, because my decorating style slants very minimalist, that's pretty much all you'll find in my office.

But there are two exceptions (see photo).

One is a Vince Papale football card.  I'm not particularly a fan of Papale or of football cards, but my cousin was nice enough to get it for me for Christmas one year, and, not wanting it to idle away in a shoebox at home, I instinctively brought it to work to display it there.  He is, you may know, the inspiration for the movie, "Invincible," starring Mark Wahlberg, and I suppose there is inspirational value for me in thinking that I too can metaphorically dash through fierce tacklers down the field for a winning touchdown.

The other is a poop emoji mug, given to me by my son Aaron one Christmas.  "Poopy" is a favorite term my kids call me, and while there is an endearing element to it, it is also meant as a dis.  I suppose we all dish out some serious disses in our family, and being called a piece of sh*t is what I am on the receiving end of.  Keeps me humble, my own kids tearing me down!

As with the Papale card, there are sentimental reasons for keeping this item close, but I find it funny that one builds me up and the other takes me down a notch.  Seems right.

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