Lazy Linking, 189th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

189.1 Calling out the NY Times crossword as racist bit.ly/2r2QU7m @outline

189.2 2 takes on Omar, the enigmatic and divisive jester of our neighborhood bit.ly/2rwR6fh @phillynews bit.ly/2ro19Ik @phillyweekly

189.3 Taiwanese defiance: “[our] sovereignty cannot be challenged or traded” wapo.st/2tvUhoV @washpo

189.4 Not sure if baby genome sequencing is good or bad, but I predict it will cost $99 in 10 yrs bit.ly/2sCxISr @techreview

189.5 There’s 20 gallons of pee in a typical commercial swimming pool n.pr/2lyFPJc @nprhealth

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