Lazy Linking, 188th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

188.1 Philly claims 3 of America's top 100 burgers bit.ly/2qMOi0j @thrillist

188.2 Subway-style map of ancient Roman roads (btw do you know the trivia behind "trivia"?) bit.ly/2rXHePt @myboytrubetskom

188.3 As I stick my foot in my mouth at every mtg, I need this advice to let it go in 7 seconds bit.ly/2swz3rp @jezebel

188.4 Surprise! Red states are leading in volume and policy re: renewables nyti.ms/2rGvW1G @nytimes

188.5 Photo essay on parts of the world where the people have long since left theatln.tc/2qR6zK9 @theatlantic

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