Lazy Linking, 187th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

187.1 Wage tax cuts will help Philly prosper bit.ly/2pYCl7y @davidthornburgh @joshsevin

187.2 Mortgage interest deduction advantages coastal wealthy, exacerbates inequality nyti.ms/2pZEeBj @just_shelter ‏

187.3 How to tax businesses in the least distorting and most productive
way nyti.ms/2qOoPVf @gregmankiw

187.4 Health care's cost/complication is due in part to it being exempt from income & payroll taxes lat.ms/2q2WhUZ @myronmagnet

187.5 While Trump's pro-coal, Canada leads on carbon pollution pricing bit.ly/2pw0Wxz @thehill

187.6 By slamming the door on Walmart, is Mayor DeBlasio taking NYC’s best anti-poverty yool away?  bit.ly/2oG3xHd @cityjournal

187.7 Most dangerous thing re Trump late-night tweeting: foreign intel officers can profile him bit.ly/2q9Ghk8 @fdrlst

187.8 Africa urbanizing, not globalizing (Kinshasa more ppl than London, 1/100th of the intl flights) bit.ly/2qxlslO @ swarajyamag

187.9 New Amazon HQ will include homeless shelter bit.ly/2pD6KVq @nextcityorg

187.10 When more bike lanes = more dangerous for cyclists bit.ly/2r55Xxs @davemabe
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