Lazy Linking, 186th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

186.1 We now have the tech to mimic your voice perfectly bit.ly/2oXgwBt @cbcnews

186.2 Haphazardly comping drinks in Vegas w/o the aid of data analytics is so last year on.wsj.com/2pkktUo @wsj

186.3 If writers don’t strike in ’07, Apprentice doesn’t get airtime & maybe Trump doesn’t become POTUS bit.ly/2oKOgCR @kottke

186.4 Sheryl Sandberg turns tragedy & grief into powerful life lessons bit.ly/2pctiji @backchnnl

186.5 Dion Waiters’ 1st person narrative is all Philly bit.ly/2pegQ0w @playerstribune

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