Lazy Linking, 185th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

185.1 What’s the impact on traffic when a major highway closes? Smaller than you think bit.ly/2o6h5Mg @citylab
185.2 Irony: at big schls you can seek out ppl like you; at small schls you end up w/more diverse friends bit.ly/2ockiaF @SagePubIndia

185.3 Seattle breaks the strangehold unelected community assns have on nhd real estate devt bit.ly/2pjh5qL @ericacbarnett ‏

185.4 Let’s get rid of prison bc there are economically superior alternatives bit.ly/2oH63xi @ssrn

185.5 Philly's newest museum tells the unvarnished story of the American Revolution bit.ly/2ouEdlU @billy_penn
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