Lazy Linking, 184th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

184.1 iPhone has been a killer app for the blind yhoo.it/2n7E6Pq @yahoofinance

184.2 Misleading NYT headline on Trump effect on intl students masks a nuanced (tho still bad) situation on.wsj.com/2nhsYLB @wsj

184.3 Parklets work best when supported by social capital, not financial capital bit.ly/2oJZtms @nextcityorg

184.4 Cass Sunstein w/a reasoned, non-apocalyptic analysis of Trump climate change policy bloom.bg/2nq3f3u @bv

184.5 Can’t keep your eyes off your phone as you walk down the street? Now there’s streetlights on the ground bit.ly/2nzWArn @qz
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