Lazy Linking, 183rd in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

183.1 World landmarks + paper cutouts = augmented reality bit.ly/2n3Rr7x @thisiscolossal

183.2 AHCA failed bc Trump’s bad at deals and here’s why read.bi/2nwgN11 @businessinsider

183.3 Pay/benefits for CA farm jobs are way up but still only immigrants/undocumented want them lat.ms/2mDzJaS @latimes

183.4 Alabama, 1888-1928: young black men falsely arrested & forced into low-pay high-risk mining jobs bit.ly/2nT34lR @citylab
183.5 Silicon Valley tries to tame its auto-dependency by making life easier for bicyclists bit.ly/2mQgSbL @nextcityorg
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