Lazy Linking, 179th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

179.1 Chasing Amy: evaluation of the Gutmann era at Penn bit.ly/2kHHwWS @phillymag

179.2 Usu ad buys are to reach the masses, but in this case it's an audience of one: Trump politi.co/2jPMdin @politico

179.3 Black history must-reads among recent releases bit.ly/2klFWI8 @theguardian

179.4 Economics & morality influence gentrification's effect on sex workers bit.ly/2jQmS7Z @nextcityorg

179.5 Life-sized insects made out of glass = insane artistic talent bit.ly/2kCQTYp @thisiscolossal
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