Fundraising Season (the Spring Edition)

Last fall, I posted about "Fundraising Season," but spring is also a time of many such events.  Here are four I'm a part of organizing, sponsoring, or attending:

March 2 - Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians is having its annual fundraiser, the Solas Awards.  Click here for more info.   I'm on the board and I scarcely have to tell you my opinion of the role of immigrants to a flourishing society and economy.

March 24 - Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia is having its annual fundraiser, Sustainaball.  Click here for more info.  This is another board I'm on, and I'm proud that our firm is a member as well.  Triple bottom line businesses, yo!

April 4 - Community Design Collaborative is having its annual event, Leverage, this time at Pennovation Center.  I've served on this board since 2014 and it's a great organization that knows how to throw a fun party.  More info here.

April 18 - Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations is having its 25th anniversary gala.  Click here for more info.  I've served on the host committee for this event the past few years, and I am so impressed by the effort and results of these great community-serving honorees.
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