Lazy Linking, 178th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

178.1 How to get out of your own echo chamber bloom.bg/2kpSeht @bv
178.2 Redfin says our neighborhood is Philly's hottest bit.ly/2jNptfE @curbedphilly

178.3 Historian of Western revolutions critiques anti-Trump protests bit.ly/2jo6vu7 @varadmehta

178.4 Book recoms: Obama bit.ly/2jzPdy8 how the left thinks bloom.bg/2gPqB3n how the right thinks bloom.bg/2dO7i7V

178.5 My friend is now president of Sarah Lawrence College! http://bit.ly/2jT3S5w @sarahlawrence
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