Lazy Linking, 178th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

178.1 Just 1 yr of HS football can change your brain (gulp) bit.ly/2fRlIqB @neurosciencenew

178.2 Racism towards Asians in America changed during WWII wapo.st/2gxg6kt @washingtonpost

178.3 Trump's protectionism may actually increase US trade deficit bv.ms/2fHNGjY @bv

178.4 Amy Gutmann will be Penn’s president til 2022 (18 yrs total) bit.ly/2gL3KmO @phillymag

178.5 Feed cows seaweed = no methane in their farts/burps = save the world from global warming bit.ly/2eV2nEz @cbcnews
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