Too Short for a Blog Post, Too Long for a Tweet LII

Here's an excerpt from a magazine article I just read, "The NFL Was a Sure Thing for TV Networks. Until Now," in the November 13, 2016 issue of Business Week.


Some football watchers believe the steady onslaught of negative headlines could finally be driving away casual NFL fans, men and women alike. “Call it football fatigue,” says Steve Almond, a former die-hard Oakland Raiders fan, who in 2014 wrote a manifesto called Against Football. “People like the sport, because it’s a joyous, escapist experience. They don’t want to have their entertainment gummed up with moral issues about patriotism, and race relations, and concussions, and sexual assault. Maybe when football makes people feel conflicted and guilty, a certain small portion of viewers are like, ‘Let’s call the whole thing off. I’ll go watch the Cubs, or whatever else is on.’ It’s an innocent pleasure that has lost its innocence.”
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