Lazy Linking, 179th in an Occasional Series

What I liked lately on the Internets:

179.1 What the church should learn from Michelle Obama’s tenure as FLOTUS bit.ly/2f9sS5S @ctmagazine

179.2 Cubs championship parade = largest peaceful gathering ever (non-Asia version) bit.ly/1I84UPt @wikipedia
179.3 “NYC is a book conservatives should read” i.e. everything you’re scared of is actually pretty cool bit.ly/2fEqLun @lithub

179.4 Will Uber still need surge pricing to balance supply & demand once cars become driverless? econ.st/1Ns1MpL @economist

179.5 Vanguard’s skunk works’ll be in Center City or U City to be near university talent bit.ly/2eKDasj @phlbizjournal

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