Speak Up

Much of my social media feed consists of kid pics, anniversary celebrations, and fun vacations, as befits the status of my friends and the nature of the platform.  Since I count among my contacts many erudite and "woke" people, I also get a steady stream of social commentary, current events, and urban nerditry, and I enjoy and benefit from that too.

This year I have been surprised but strengthened by the force of emotion in some of my friends' posts.  Whether black friends lashing out at racism, female friends angered by our society's rape culture, or gay friends recounting homophobic behavior past and present, I stand with these sentiments but cannot help but be shook by the dissonance between the seething rage behind them juxtaposed with the mild-mannered tone I am accustomed to from them.

Ultimately, I appreciate and join in the outrage.  Some of us are more wired for loud protest than others.  But all of us must find our voice, to speak up, with emotion, when things are not right, for ourselves and for others. For to stay silent is, at times, unacceptable.
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