Lazy Linking, 178th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

178.1 Video of how springs are made = why robots make things better than humans can bit.ly/2foZICR @idstr_jp

178.2 Remember tangrams? Here’s a Kickstarter for a measuring spoon that uses those shapes kck.st/2dVi89j @getpolygons

178.3 I love everything about Taiwanese baseball: bat flips, nut shots, announcers’ accents bit.ly/2ekoujC

178.4 Behind the scenes w/Kurt Kuenne, my HS friend who produced a recent episode of Blacklist bit.ly/2ffNs8O @blacklistroom

178.5 Canada 40 yrs ago: 10x more teen moms than 40+yo moms; today more 40+yo moms than teen moms bit.ly/2bQuQZI @macleansmag
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