Well, I Can Always Post More Pictures of Asher

Blogging is supposed to be free-form, "think out loud" writing, and in fact that's the approach I take with my personal page.  But lately I've struggled, because a lot of what I want to muse about falls into one of two categories:

(1) Something I am interested in but don't know much about.  I suppose that never stopped me before, but I'm loath to put something out there that is uninformed and unfair.

(2) Something I am interested in and know a lot about, but I have to be careful about writing about on account of something I'm working on at work.  Not that I'm not allowed to have a personal opinion on issues I'm working on, but it's just easier and more appropriate to not muddy things with my own individual musings.

And you wonder why I end up just posting pictures of Asher.  Now you know.

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