Real Thoughts and Real Prayers

When unspeakable tragedy strikes, when racism rears its ugly head, when the injustice seems so wrong..."thoughts and prayers" can seem so shallow, so powerless, so disproportionate a response to so grand a situation.  And, more often than not, they are.  Even if we actually give a thought or say a prayer (I know I'm guilty of saying so and then not following through), how pitiful are our thoughts and how tepid our prayers.

The Bible we purport to believe in with all our hearts and live out all our days holds us to a far higher standard and invites us to activate a far more powerful response.  The story of the Good Samaritan tells us that at the core of being a believer is going the extra mile for those who society tells us we should shun.  Far from just thoughts, we are to take actions, costly and consistent and caring actions.  Indeed, there is no such thing as an isolated thought, for thought must necessarily take action if it is a legitimate thought at all. 

And, over and again the God of the Bible invites us to call on His Name.  For what resources or compassion or power do we have, except the ability to move the hand that moves the world?  When God's people truly pray, truly empty themselves before Him and ask Him to intervene, He can make rain in dry land, move mountains, heal broken hearts, and turn the hearts of rulers.

Real thoughts and real prayers are really impactful.  But I don't blame people for being upset at the "thoughts and prayers" we usually offer, because they are weak sauce.  The world is hurting, and the opportunity is there, and instead of real thoughts and real prayers we do so little and ask even less of our mighty God.  Shame on us. 
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