Lazy Linking, 176th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

176.1 Artsy metaphor of Chi-town boiling over bit.ly/29MOjJw @thisiscolossal

176.2 High vacancy in US is from suburbanization/mechanization/globalization; in Japan it's from aging lat.ms/29pT4d8 @latimes

176.3 Nordic countries considering compulsory public education for senior citizens bit.ly/29qDUzH @qz

176.4 10 scary things about the future; God have mercy on us all bit.ly/29El4Lk @gizmodo

176.5 US regs designed to make railcars safer has made them more dangerous/scarce bit.ly/29G4JQs @streetsblogusa

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