Healing Heart

Today marks 90 days from my surgery to correct an irregular heartbeat.  I have largely returned to full strength, with any present differences in my physical exertion levels versus pre-surgery attributable to being out of shape or having Asher encroach on my exercise time rather than throttling back to let my heart heal. 

I am coming to the end of wearing a heart monitor on me at all times (except when I swim or shower) so that my cardiologist has lots of data to see if the surgery actually fixed the problem.  I will meet with him next month and I sure hope it was a success, although I'm told that 20 percent of the time you have to repeat procedure. 

As I age, my aches and pains take longer to go away, and over time there will be some that become chronic.  So I'm thankful that my heart, which is obviously a really important part of my body, can be fixed of an otherwise risky problem.  Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. 

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