My Healing Heart

We're at exactly the halfway point of what is expected to be a 90-day healing period for my heart, after I had my catheter ablation procedure in late April.  So far, so good.

My pulse is faster than normal but apparently that's normal and actually an indicator that my probability that I'm past my irregular heartbeat is high.  I am feeling some tightness in my chest but that is likely due to normal inflammation and ibuprofen appears to be keeping that in check.

I've been slowly getting back into my exercise routine.  I'm way far away from pre-surgery levels, and there have been some days I've gone backwards instead of forwards, but nonetheless it's good to test my heart a little more each week and have it be OK after.  After all, you only get one heart, so it's good that this one is holding up so far.  Thanks to all for their prayers and encouragements.

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