Lazy Linking, 175th in an Occasional Series

The National Museum of African American History and Culture  Founding Director Lonnie Bunch said he expects to raise roughly $300 million by the museum’s opening date.Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

175.1 The economics of restaurants in the age of online dating wapo.st/1UwYvSC @washingtonpost

175.2 Are gender-neutral honorifics the gateway to a more inclusive vocabulary? bit.ly/1WSkBp6 @kottke

175.3 Smithsonian's Natl Museum of Afr Am History/Culture beat its fundraising goal bit.ly/1UTkJl0 @wbjonline

175.4 Silicon Valley's plans to colonize Mars = thought experiment for non-Earth governance structures bit.ly/1XuURPG @qz

175.5 Millennials say they want to live in NYC/SF but based on what matters to them Philly trumps both onforb.es/1W4zovV @forbes
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