Lazy Linking, 173rd in an Occasional Series

InterVarsity Names a Historic New PresidentStuff I liked lately on the Internets:

173.1 Futurists rejoice: the Babelfish has arrived dailym.ai/1TgZZkv @dailymail

173.2 Oops, restaurants that said no to tipping are reversing field now n.pr/1ZTcwhW @nprfood

173.3 Austin cracks down on unregulated lemonade stands...wait, what? bit.ly/1OCsLtJ @ij

173.4 In sports w/same rules, female concussion rate is higher than male 53eig.ht/1Oya5et @fivethirtyeight

173.5 Earth is fatter at equator so Mt Chimborazo in Ecuador is furthest from earth center; Everest not in top 20 nyti.ms/1TG7Wzb @nytimes

173.6 New InterVarsity pres is a Taiwanese immigrant who said no to corporate law & yes to Jesus bit.ly/254agI3 @ctmagazine

173.7 Increasing segregation in schools; so much for "separate is inherently unequal" wapo.st/24Y9PiB @washingtonpost

173.8 The science and marketability of "old book smell" bit.ly/1sv1Wmg @qz

173.9 Nate Silver "fails forward" by debriefing why he was wrong on Trump nomination 53eig.ht/1W25sBn @fivethirtyeight

173.10 Unlike your other, carefully curated social media presences, Snapchat is the real you nyti.ms/1W5b0uN @nytimes

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