Lazy Linking, 171st in an Occasional Series

Japan's public (and private) charging infrastructure is admired around the world. Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

171.1 Japan now has way more electric car charging spots than gas stations bit.ly/1SNt4Ul @transportevolve

171.2 Exercise is great for your health...but doesn't actually do much for weight loss bit.ly/1SBYmNQ @voxdotcom

171.3 Teen birth rates are way down, esp. among blacks/Hispanics, because...teens are having less sex http://wapo.st/1N45QMO @washingtonpost

171.4 We are way ahead of schedule on the technological evolution of driverless cars bit.ly/1WRzG8Y @margrev

171.5 Moneyball in the minors: building a winning team on a shoestring budget 53eig.ht/1Wcf395 @fivethirtyeight
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