Too Long for a Tweet, Too Short for a Blog Post XXXII

http://media.bizj.us/view/img/4924891/150128cjsonjatrauss3*600.jpgHere's an excerpt from an article I recently read, "In Cramped and Costly Bay Area, Cries to Build, Baby, Build," from the New York Times:

"San Francisco does not have enough places to live. Sonja Trauss, a local activist, thinks the city should tackle this problem by building more housing.  This may not sound like a controversial idea. But this is San Francisco.  Ms. Trauss is a self-described anarchist and the head of the SF Bay Area Renters’ Federation, an upstart political group that is pushing for more development. Its platform is simple: Members want San Francisco and its suburbs to build more of every kind of housing. More subsidized affordable housing, more market-rate rentals, more high-end condominiums.  Ms. Trauss supports all of it so long as it is built tall, and soon. 'You have to support building, even when it’s a type of building you hate,' she said. 'Is it ugly? Get over yourself. Is it low-income housing? Get over yourself. Is it luxury housing? Get over yourself. We really need everything right now.'”
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