Lazy Linking, 169th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

urbane development2
169.1 Cincy voted for subway 100 yrs ago...then never built it bit.ly/1qs5JQZ @nextcityorg

169.2 Shout-out to my friend @urbaneJJP for his work at Flatbush/Caton Market in Brooklyn bit.ly/1X3OwYa @brooklynmag

birancoshock-1 169.3 We forget space is so big you could be in an asteroid belt and not see any asteroids nyti.ms/226UPeK @nytimes

169.4 The black cop in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood agrees: Fred was a wonderful man n.pr/1U6GvmU @npr

169.5 Subversive, secret, & surprising: hidden rooms inside manhole covers in Milan bit.ly/23d4tPF @thisiscolossal
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