A Matter of the Heart

Just wanted to give you a quick personal update and ask for your prayers as I will be going in for a minor heart procedure later this month.

I’ve had an irregular heartbeat for forever, and after a battery of tests this month the docs have now determined that (1) everything about my heart is otherwise healthy and (2) there are no short-term problems with this but (3) long-long-long-term I am an increased risk for stroke so (4) I should probably do something about this now and (5) surgery (ablation) was deemed more effective than medication (beta blockers).

This is a very low-risk surgery, so even though it's weird to do something pretty major now in order to avoid potential problems a few decades down the road, it was a pretty easy decision to make and I'm looking forward to doing it and getting it over with. (Probably the hardest thing about it is I'm not allowed to do hard exercise for a full month afterwards...argh!)

Amy will have her hands full for a few days during and after the surgery, dealing with 3 kids plus the world's worst patient, so please pray for her too.

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