Lazy Linking, 169th in an Occasional Series

Photo by Emily TeelStuff I liked lately on the Internets:

169.1 A meal at Clarkville is a quintessentially University City experience bit.ly/1S9fgmc @phillymag @foobooz

169.2 How Trump can lose in Cleveland even if he has enough delegates; Ted Kennedy tried it vs. Carter in ‘80 bit.ly/1ZvZKq1 @voxdotcom

MacGillis-Roland-Park-Streetcar-2169.3 In sneaker endorsements, as in college & pros, Steph Curry was at first dismissed as a viable top-tier star es.pn/1Ry32Ts @espn

169.4 Racial differences in public park infrastructure investment preferences in Houston bit.ly/1WLfzqY @citylab

169.5 The parallels & personal connections btwn NFL concussion research & tobacco downplaying smoking risks nyti.ms/25nuf5w @nytimes

169.6 A story about film tax credits, religious liberty legislation, & boycotts by Disney/NFL nym.ag/1S9ehSN @nymag

169.7 Transit investment was driven by racism & has in turn entrenched racial inequalities bit.ly/1SdnyvE @placesjournal

169.8 Headline is “$250k salary qualifies for housing subsidy in Palo Alto” but note use of TOD to achieve it cbsloc.al/1pxUPbq @cbssf

169.9 Cautionary tale re: reading too much into 1 interesting (but unsubstantiated) research finding bit.ly/1EtQB4w @terenceburnham

169.10 Where the force of Trump’s support is coming from is an aggrieved white working class bit.ly/1WtA3og @nro

169.11 Etymology of "jawn," a quintessentially Philly term (that jawn is hella useful!) bit.ly/22y4e4J @atlasobscura

169.12 Trump's despicable attitude/action/words towards women thru the years slate.me/1pzNUyn @slate

169.13 African-American job seekers helped by mandatory drug tests, hurt when credit checks are banned bit.ly/1WPfXF0 @margrev

169.14 thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com makes me feel good @thingsorganized

169.15 Philly is 1 of "10 Towns That Changed America" to.pbs.org/1WPgfvA @pbs
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