Lazy Linking, 168th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:
Trend: What Americans Think Foreign Trade Means for the U.S.

168.1 Etymology of "hella," a quintessentially Bay Area (and hella useful!) term bit.ly/1EF6dUd @kqednews

168.2 We know pi to 13T digits; to "only" 15 digits it’s off by 1.5" for a circle 78B miles big! go.nasa.gov/22p1HJW @NASAJPL_Edu

168.3 @gallup says more ppl for free trade than against; aren't Bernie/Trump popular b/c anti-trade sentiment? bit.ly/1SzAKgH

168.4 I'll say it again but this time slower...we lost manuf jobs to automation not China/Mexico 53eig.ht/1RTdKED @fivethirtyeight

168.5 NFL top healthy/safety official publicly acknowledges link btwn football-related head trauma & CTE es.pn/1QTxewi @espn

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