Lazy Linking, 167th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:
167.1 Booming demand + scarcity = hello to surge pricing at Disneyland bloom.bg/1RaQf9u @business

167.2 Sign of change in NBA+Curry greatness: he'll prob make more 3’s this yr+last than Bird's whole career bit.ly/1VXi4WT @tomhaberstroh

167.3 Are self-driving cars better or worse for environment? Depends on how fully automated they become bit.ly/1Rv7hC5 @voxdotcom

167.4 Megan McArdle asks diehard R’s if they’ll vote for Trump and gets a resounding NO bv.ms/1ScZoDq @asymmetricinfo

167.5 Whole Foods sold pre-peeled oranges & the Internet lost its collective mind bzfd.it/1Ydfbmm @buzzfeed
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