I'm For Him

http://www.richardhowe.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/donald_trump_for_president.jpgWhat with all of the anti-Trump sentiment floating around, I've been a little bashful about this, but it's time to just put it out there: I'm voting for Trump.  And I hope he wins.

Trump was on the "wall of fame" at Wharton when I arrived there 25 years ago, so it would be cool to have Wharton's first US president (and only Penn's 2nd, after William Henry Harrison, Class of 1791).  Speaking of which, last time I was on the Penn campus, the Trump campaign had a floor display in Huntsman Hall that was incredibly impressive and that nailed all of the policy points that I had been looking for in a president (and that, quietly, I had seen in Trump).

But it takes more than a Penn connection and some snazzy brochures to win my vote, right?  Of course. More commentary tomorrow.
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