Casting My Cares

Waking up early to pray and read the Bible is a habit that I at least try to maintain, if my actual performance is pretty spotty.  Lately I've tried to augment that good habit with another good habit, which is to keep a journal by my bedside to use at the end of each day.  Whereas my morning journaling is relatively extensive, my bedside journal entries are intentionally sparse, intended only to capture one or two things that I worried about that day.  Having recorded that day's entry, I take a moment to try to give those worries over to God.  As I close my eyes and breathe in deeply a few times, I think about how whatever I'm worried about is important to me and therefore important to God, and that I am important to God, and that He will work things out.  I try to remember that "work things out" doesn't always (perhaps doesn't often) mean I get my way.  For He may have a better way. Indeed, He always does.

Having done this for a weeks now, I can tell you that my worries are both many and oft-repeated.  In other words, there are many things that weigh on my heart at the end of each day.  And, having laid them down before my God, I still find myself picking them up multiple times afterwards.  Nevertheless, it is a good habit that I am glad to have instituted.  May God be honored in my life and I may see with my own eyes His goodness all my days.
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