Lazy Linking, 165th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

165.1 Whoa...are we one big step closer to a game-changing universal translator? read.bi/1Lo2jlV @businessinsider

165.2 Would ppl still support universal pre-K if it was shown it didn’t really work? wapo.st/1QfdaGr @washingtonpost

165.3 Ankle injuries + sports science + epic work ethic = a Steph Curry that's better than anyone could've imagined es.pn/20oBepN @espn

https://media.giphy.com/media/xTiTnoYwrUk6Jkv9fi/giphy.gif165.4 Sharing economy, open source, green energy: Ben Franklin was the original disruptive innovator whr.tn/1Lo2gXo @whartonmagazine

165.5 White privilege is like wondering why bikers feel so vulnerable in a system designed for cars bit.ly/1lSdYSM

165.6 The science & the stats say 82 NBA games in 160 days is bad for player health es.pn/1PpP2gK @espn

165.7 Networks maven Duncan Watts: despite Facebook, we're not actually that more connected in the world bit.ly/1RC9gGI @medium

165.8 Shout-out to The Enterprise Center for helping food entrepreneurs bit.ly/1U0JNqU @citylab

165.9 OK Go w/another awesome video…this one’s in zero G bit.ly/1WkZec5 @youtube

165.10 Richard Florida on the economics of food truck location bit.ly/1O00MlK @nextcityorg
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