Lazy Linking, 164th in an Occasional Series

square to circle illusionStuff I liked lately on the Internets:

164.1 Cleaning out retired cells: anti-aging game-changer? theatln.tc/20rorYK @theatlantic

164.2 Best use of AI so far: fool telemarketers into thinking they're talking to a human bit.ly/20C5GhY  @gizmodo

164.3 My friend Matt Bergheiser says BIDs 3.0 = jobs for the poor bit.ly/1SKTxoq @nextcityorg

164.4 Talk about squaring the circle! Sculpture is square from one side, circle from another  bit.ly/1nVgQRa @moillusions

164.5 Why it's good your Twitter feed is better as algorithmic vs. time-ordered bit.ly/1oguFcZ @margrev
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