Lazy Linking, 162nd in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

They struck gold one night when they found a dumpster "the size of a small swimming pool" completely filled with hummus.
street food in asia without getting sick

162.1 Unofficial SEPTA map shows routes AND frequency bit.ly/1WDtW15 @phillymag

162.2 MLK economics: discrimination costs us all dearly, copyright laws make his speeches/writings less accessible bit.ly/1Uik9vU

162.3 Couple trying to live off thrown-away food learns just how much we waste in America read.bi/1SaNHwe @businessinsider

162.4 SEPTA generates back-up power by harnessing electricity from braking trains bit.ly/1PKYLvj @phillymag nyti.ms/1S1RsG6 @nytimes

162.5 Helpful guide for eating street food anywhere in the world without getting sick bit.ly/1OFk7KE @legalnomads

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