Lazy Linking, 161st in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

161.1 Forget "peak oil" - are we at "peak demand"? econ.st/1MrMZoB @economist

161.2 Are subsidies the solution to OR the cause of rising college tuition? bit.ly/1OicCbu @nberpubs ht: @margrev

161.3 Is the biggest cause of income inequality the fact that smart ppl only marry other smart ppl? nyti.ms/1YWDadJ @upshotnyt ht: @margrev
161.4 Does Chipotle prove that "natural" & "healthy" are trade-offs? on.wsj.com/1Vp6hAP @wsj

161.5 CAPA kids say no to racist musical "Thoroughly Modern Millie" bit.ly/1RgNJCf @phillymag ht: @angryasianman

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