New Year's Resolutions

http://s1.ibtimes.com/sites/www.ibtimes.com/files/2014/12/29/new-yearresolutionslist.jpgSince 2011, I’ve posted my New Year’s resolutions at the end of each year.  It’s a good way to do a year-end check-up and see how I did and what I need to recommit to into the New Year.  So without further ado:

1. Body - run 500 miles, swim 30 miles, 150 upper body workouts, 150 lower body workouts.
I’m pleased with my efforts although my body is starting to betray me.  Adding a newborn into the mix doesn’t help either.  My tallies for 1/1/15-12/1/15: ran 342 mi, swam 28 mi, lifted 95 times.  Grade: B.

2. Civic – join one or two more boards.
I’ve found boards to be a great way to network, give back, and stay in touch all at once.  I’ve had to throttle back on depth, and have come off the Spruce Hill Community Association, but was added to the Philadelphia Water, Sewer and Storm Water Rate Board.  Grade: B. 

3. Friends and family – shrink the time between contacts (varies by person).
Not nearly as many phone chats as I’d like, and my trivial pings on social media didn’t much make up for that.  Grade: C.

4. House – 2-3 more projects.
We got Asher’s room ready and that’s about it.  It’ll do.  Grade: C.

5. Kids – 1 on 1 times each month. 
Despite all the busyness, I still spend a fair amount of time with the kids, although sometimes it’s while we’re frantically in transit from Point A to Point B.  Although sometimes it’s those very drives, walks, and subway rides that kids remember.  Grade: B.

6. Marriage – at least one date night per month.
Not a whole lot of quantity here, especially post-Asher, although getting Asher was itself quite a meaningful me-and-Amy moment.  Grade: C.

7. Mind – read 50 books.
I’ll post my books (with ratings) tomorrow.  This was the year I discovered e-books from the Free Library of Philadelphia.  No cost + availability in my pocket = lots more reading done even with less free time. Grade: B.

8. Self – three hours per week of uninterrupted me time, three personal day getaways.
Didn’t do well here and this introvert is feeling it. Grade: D.

9. Spiritual – 100 Bible memory verses, one extra hour per week of praying.
Up and down.  Finding my sense of self and purpose, but not nearly as devoted to being rooted as I ought.  Grade: C.

10. Work – ten quality reports.
Really liking what I get to work on at work.  Topics included university/community relations, urban blight, land banks, responsible banking, CDCs, and shared food manufacturing.  Geographies included Honolulu, Phoenix, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.  Grade: B.
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