Lazy Linking, 160th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

160.1 Yo, Philly! We need some interactive seesaws too bit.ly/1MjQxYN @thisiscolossal
160.2 Many famous social media stars are too visible to have real jobs but too broke not to
fus.in/1Qow38L @thisisfusion

160.3 Netflix makes socks that tell when you fall asleep and hit pause for you read.bi/1IbXG2z @businessinsider ht: @margrev
160.4 A militarist explains Trump (hint: it's the OODA Loop!) bit.ly/1QqnWc9 @fdrlst ht: @reihan
160.5 11 reminders that 2015 was an awesome year for humanity bit.ly/1PbELWN @medium
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