Lazy Linking, 159th in an Occasional Series

Stuff I liked lately on the Internets:

159.1 Banksy strikes again, at refugee camp in France bit.ly/1Rf2cjm @thisiscolossal

159.2 Sobering acct of how black ppl are treated at Princeton bit.ly/1NF9eHb @voxdotcom

159.3 Getting an emailed pic of your incoming mail before it arrives: creepy or cool? bit.ly/1Tv6u3H @qz
159.4 How bike share in NYC got back on the right track  bit.ly/1M73RiX @fastcompany

159.5 What if the increase in mass shootings has nothing to do w/guns? bit.ly/1RJUxsL @margrev (see also bit.ly/1NBlfmS)

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